We wanted a better staffing company, so we built one.

We know the transactional nature of recruiting is frustrating. We’re changing all that. We believe that staffing should be about relationships with people, and we practice what we preach.

Donald ColemanVice President & Partner

Driven, compassionate and insatiably curious.

Gary DittoPresident & Founder

"Perpetually finding, building and nurturing relationships is the goal." -- Tim Dodson, Who Client Manager
Our namesake is a hat tip to those individuals who make great businesses exceptional.

Martina KristianovaRecruiter

A team built upon hard work and mutual respect.

Tim DodsonSenior Recruiter & Client Manager

"Genuine people make the best recruiters and that's the only way to fit into this culture." -- Donald Coleman, Who Partner

Chris LillemoeRecruiter

"I am over the moon happy with my new job and owe all my thanks to Who." -- Jennifer K., Junior Project Manager
"What do I get from some recruiting firms? Bagels, cookies and popcorn. What do I get from Who? Highly qualified candidates." -- Lee C., VP of Engineering