Owings Mills, MD

Who Staffing is looking for a Full Stack Application Developer for a fulltime, direct hire opportunity with our client in Owings Mills, MD 

Job Description:

  • Candidate will join an international program aiming at deploying a Policy Administration system worldwide, in all the Business Units of the Group.

  • As a Full Stack developer, candidate is involved, within their squad, in the development of micro-services based on REST API's and of the Front-End of an application.

  • Following Agile methodology (SCRUM), the candidate is involved on a day-to-day basis in the analysis, coding/building and delivery of the Back-End and Front-End of the application within their scope.

  • Candidate provides technical support to the other members/developers of the squad. 

Future Challenges:

  • Could take over a new application

  • Must remain skilled in new trends of development, new languages, new ways to develop 

Main Tasks:

  • Design and build REST Applications in a micro-serviced environment.

  • Design and build Angular backed Front-End screens.

  • Use the CI CD pipeline of the services and the GitLab Front-End in order to perform the build, the tests and the deployment. Contribute to the improvement of the CI CD pipeline (testing...)

  • Review specifications and code supplied by Stakeholders and DevOps members, check the performance, respect development standards, deliver formal acceptance of their work.

  • Provide analysis and recommendations not directly linked to business requirements, to the continuous improvement of the applications.

  • Stay permanently focused on the robustness and sustainability of these applications.

  • Work within an AWS cloud environment to help debugging, troubleshooting. 

Required Functional Skills / Experiences:

  • JAVA 8






  • SQL (Postgres)

  • Development of REST APIs in a microserviced environment.

  • Experience in designing micro-services and using resilient anti fragile patterns.

  • Communication and interpersonal skills 


  • Experience of Public Cloud environments, AWS preferred.

  • Experience of CI CD pipelines in a DevOps environment.

  • Jira/Agile tools

  • Permanently pursuing excellence in the quality of the code delivered

  • Ready to act as a pioneer towards other team members

  • French is a plus 

Leadership Behaviors:

  • Strong experience in IT analysis and development

  • Ability to be a technical leader and referent; provide pragmatic and realistic solutions to technical issues.

    • Strong analytical skills

    • Ability to gain recognition from both Dev and Ops

    • Communication, negotiation and interpersonal skills

  • Team work in multi-cultural context

  • Sharp technical curiosity; be ready to put the “hands in the engine” and to understand how an application works.

  • Open-minded; be ready to listen to and take into account Operation and Business teams’ concerns.

  • More interested in results than in personal preferences.

  • Interest in the functional side of applications and projects. 

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Develop solutions that “work”

  • Provide realistic estimations

  • Manage efficiently the risks related to technical and architectural changes

  • No complaints from the users or from Operation teams originating from a bad design or coding in Production.