Westminster, MD

Who Staffing is looking for a Senior Systems Architect for a fulltime direct hire opportunity with our client in Westminster, Maryland 

Job Description:

·        Throughout the hiring process our client is looking for candidates who are team players and demonstrate that they are:

o   Hungry – Truly hungry for a challenge, self-motivated, reliable and diligent.

o   Humble - Possessing a humility that openly acknowledges the accomplishments of others, accepts criticism, shares credit and emphasizes team over self.

o   Smart – Wicked smart in a needed area, having a speedy learning curve, strong problem-solving skills and a demonstration of good judgment and intuition.

o   “Sknacky” – They possess a “certain something.” it’s tough to define, but it includes a heightened enthusiasm when faced with a new or particularly complex challenge as well as the natural ability to look at problems from multiple perspectives and creatively problem-solve.

·        Our client generally has high expectations of their team members and, thus, of their candidates. The candidates who stand out to them generally have these same high expectations of themselves and it shows in their demeanor, their drive, and the way they talk about both their failures and successes.

·        Our client’s culture is anti-micromanaging which means team members should not have to be pushed by a manager to perform exceptionally. In addition, this means you need to be able to hit the ground running from day one, be self-motivated, resourceful and have the confidence to speak up when you need help or guidance.

·        They’ve found that typical higher education degrees alone, even in directly applicable fields such as Software Programming, do not prepare candidates for a beginning position with our client. In addition to a degree they are looking for candidates with extensive intern experience, personal projects or at least one to two years direct professional experience in the field for an entry position 

Skills Requirements:

·        Proven strength working in systems integration and systems engineering

·        Able to lead and manage a team in integration design, analysis, and implementation.

·        Experience writing proposals, conducting training, making client presentations and / or capturing new business. 

Education/Experience Requirements:

·        One of the following:

o   15+ years combined programming and architecture experience

o   13+ years combined experience plus bachelor’s degree

o   12+ years combined experience plus engineering bachelor’s degree

o   10+ years combined experience plus master’s degree in computer science or related

o   8+ years PhD in computer science with a concentration in data architecture or related