At Who, we are driven by one core promise: to grow our business community through strong relationships and successful connections.


People matter most.

The people of an organization are its lifeblood. The most impactful decision a business can make is who they hire and empower to carry out their mission. People are the greatest differentiator and determining factor between success and failure in any company. Our namesake is a hat tip to those individuals that make great businesses exceptional.


Relationships are crucial. We look beyond the résumé, and hire with real instinct.

We don’t send strangers. We know our candidates as well as we get to know your business. Our talent engagements involve phone calls, face-to-face meetings and a mutual investment toward success. To best determine a match, we evaluate a variety of factors before contacting you about an interview:


Match Considerations

Existing Technical Skills
Motivation Behind the Job Search
Day-to-Day Responsibilities
Work Schedule Flexibility
Top Criteria for Next Position
Future Career Goals
Compensation/Benefit Requirements
Commute Radius


Respect your privacy.
We will never send your resume to anyone without your express authorization. We will give you everything you need to decide if you’re interested in the opportunity.

Communicate well and often.
We will always follow up with you after your resume has been submitted. And again after your interview. And again after you start your new job. Always. 

Be patient.
We don’t place every candidate that we meet—there are too many variables in play for that to be a reality. What we can be, to every candidate, is a resource in the market as we continue searching.

Be honest.
The truth hurts, but it helps make us better. We’ll always share honest feedback from our clients on your resume or interview and help you make informed decisions on how to improve. 

Manage expectations.
We will explain the interview process and share the expected timeline of any search with you upfront.



Respect your time.
We will only submit qualified candidates that know the location, salary, and all pertinent details of your company and position.

Be deliberate and honest.
We will never send a resume just to send a resume. If we don’t have a good fit, we’ll not only tell you—we’ll provide market intelligence to help you understand what we’re looking for and finding in the market.

We follow up with our candidates immediately after the interview so we can get insightful feedback to you quickly. We are committed to getting you the right candidates, right away. 

Pre-vet every detail.
Forget wasted offer letters. When you’ve found your perfect candidate, we’ll already know if they are interested in your role, and what salary they need. 

Help you retain.
We stay in touch with all of our candidates, so we can provide you with feedback on how satisfied they are with the job and provide insight into how to build long term relationships that grow your business.